Some Great Testimonials From Our Clients...

"Was a great experience.  My kids LOVE the video games which encourages us to get there early."
       Parent of - Cameron Curtis

"My kids finally have a dentist that they look forward to seeing!  I am glad we were referred to him.  We have never had a bad experience."
       Parent of - Hanna Spencer

"Dr. Simpson and staff are amazing.  My 2 year old left out of the office without crying and giving high-fives.  Dr. Simpson has a way with children and it is evident that he is doing his God given talent."
       Parent of - Ayden Emmons

"Thank you so much for providing such a pleasant atmosphere for my child to go to the dentist!  We have always had excellent care and treatment at your office! You are all so wonderfully nice and helpful. Thanks again!"
       Parent of - Leeanne Starr

"Tanner loves Dr. Simpson-we went from him crying and one of us having to go back with him to now he just jumps up and goes solo.  Thanks-:)"
       Parent of - Tanner Muller

"Keep up the good work!  You've ruined us for all other dentists,"
       Parent of - Hayden Ross

"You guys are the BEST!!!!  Would not change a thing.  Thanks"
       Parent of - Steven Moss

"I refer your office every chance I get.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with such an unwilling patient."
       Parent of - Loren Couch

"Excellent service all the way around! :)"
       Parent of - Madison Bills

"You Guys Rock!!!!"
       Parent of - Preston Bryan

"As always, we love Dr. Simpson and the team.  When people ask where we go we always insure them that ya'll are the best.
P. S.  Our insurance does not cover everything at your office, but... even in these tough times Dr. Simpson is soooooo worth the extra $20."
       Parent of - Derek Bettie

"My children have been patients for approximately 7 years and are extremely happy with Dr. Simpson and all of the staff.  Thank you for providing such excellent care and for the upbeat, positive atmosphere in your office."
       Parent of - Ryan Gagnon

"We could not imagine going any where else for dental care!"
       Parent of - David Bullington

"We always have a great experience when we come to see Dr. Simpson.  Andrew loves coming.  When I told Andrew he had to go see an orthodontist, he was worried that he would not get to see Dr. Simpson anymore."
       Parent of - Andrew Kloos

"Kind and disarming staff -- very sensitive to nervous or anxious young children.  My children now actually look forward to going to the dentist and I don't have to worry about billing fiascos."
       Parent of - Emme Lynn

"Dr. Simpson is great.  My daughter does not like to go to the dentist, but she says she likes it now.  He was singing to her and he was just excellent.  Thanks to Dr. Simpson.  The staff is great and friendly and that means a lot.  THANKS EVERYONE!!! "
       Parent of - Jaylyn Warrick

"We have seen Dr. Simpson for years, and we wouldn't change anything!  He is a wonderful dentist, and my daughter always enjoys going to her appointments :) "
       Parent of - Giovanna Mangino

"Love everything about the office.  Nicest staff of anywhere I have been to.  Thank you."
       Parent of - MacKenzie Lauren Hopper

"We love everything about Dr. Simpson and his staff.  My son has never had any cavities, which is great, and always looks forward to coming and playing games in the waiting room, and wants to stay even after his appointment.  We love Dr. Simpson."
       Parent of - Bryce Gard

"Thanks for the great service and friendly atmosphere."
       Parent of - Briana Gaston

"The care my children receive in your office is so great!  The only negative is that adults cannot be under your care.  I would gladly sit through sponge bob to be under your care."
       Parent of - Joshua DeDominicis

"I have referred you to friends that now drive from Carthage to see you and love you! "
       Parent of - Alexander Westfall

"We love the child-friendly atmosphere and the professional staff.  My son has so much fun playing video games while we're in the waiting room and watching the TV's on the ceiling that he forgets to be nervous about having his teeth cleaned!  Love it!!"
       Parent of - Gabriel Rogerson

"Dr. Simpson and his staff are totally awesome!"
       Parent of - Terri Hutson

"I adore the entire staff.  Everyone is friendly and helpful and make my child and me feel welcome."
       Parent of - Christopher Holweger

"My kids and I love Dr. Simpson's staff and Dr. Simpson himself.  Every time we have come it has been a terrific experience.  I have recommended other parents to Dr. Simpson.  The best thing is that all four of my children can be seen at the same time and we are never there for a long period of time.  Thanks for all you do!"
       Parent of - Marian Bullington

"Dr. Simpson's office is awesome!!!!!!!!!!  I can't put into words how very much appreciative I am of this office.  My kids have been seeing him since they were 18 months old and he has always taken excellent care of their teeth.  Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!"
       Parent of - Joshua Vincent

"It's very nice to see the same smiling faces every time we come into the office."
       Parent of - Luke M. Hicks

"Brooke is the Best!  Brooke walked me through the insurance billing, hospital info, and talked with me over the period of several weeks, to answer any questions.  My son got excellent treatment from the staff of Dr. Simpson and the hospital.  we could not have ask for the experience to have been better.  You have a really exceptional team.  Thank you."
       Parent of - Eanon Gose

"Dr. Simpson and his staff are the nicest people we have ever known. "
       Parent of - Jack Edson

"Very friendly and professional."
       Parent of - Jessica Hart

"I love Dr. Simpson and his staff.  They are always very nice and do excellent work.  I drive about an hour and a half to get to his office and will continue to do so because of the great care my children receive."
       Parent of - Brooklyn Colburn

"My children and I love Dr. Simpson and his staff.  The children always looks forward to going for their check-ups.  Everyone is helpful, friendly and great with the kids.  We are very happy with our care."
       Parent of - Emily Phillips

"Ya'll are great.  We have to pay more to come to you all, because of our insurance.  You all are well worth it."
       Parent of - Allie Ross

"We enjoy the atmosphere, professionalism, and friendliness of your office.  Dr. Simpson is hilarious, and we always leave your office smiling.  Thank you!"
       Parent of - Linden Gagnon

"Both my children, on this first visit, were made to feel very comfortable -- very non-intimidating environment for younger ones.  I think we've finally found our dentist for life."
       Parent of - Emme Lynn

"Thank you for always having my insurance information/payment on each procedure printed out BEFORE our visit.  It works great and there are no surprises."
       Parent of - Nicholas Garrett

"Keep up the great work!  I have been with you since 1998...... THANKS"
       Parent of - Katrina Johnson

"Love Dr. Simpson and his team!!!!  Thanks for all you do!!"
       Parent of - Dylan Fucci

"A lot of children are scared to go to the dentist, but mine always ask when their next appointment is because they have a wonderful experience each time they go."
       Parent of - Addyson Kress

"I have never had such a fantabulous experience at a dentist office!  EVERYONE in your office is so caring and compassionate, my 7 year old son had a very traumatic experience at another dentist office a couple of years ago - since then I haven't been able to step foot in a dentist office without him being very upset, that was until we came to your office.... I would recommend ANYONE to you!!!  You an your staff answered all of my questions without making me feel as if I was wasting "their" time!!!"
       Parent of - Cameron White

"I think Dr. Simpson and his staff are very friendly and they really seem to care about the care for the little ones they see each day.  we will definitely be back."
       Parent of - Evan Jensen

"We have been going to Dr. Simpson for about 11 years now and have ALWAYS had a wonderful experience.  He has wonderful manner with children.  I am not sure what my 16 yr old will do when he can't see Simpson anymore."
       Parent of - Berit Gerrard

"The best thing is that my kids are very comfortable seeing a dentist now.  They have never been so calm about it before seeing Dr. Simpson, they love it here."
       Parent of - Elijah Wallace

"I would not trust my daughter's teeth to anyone else.  Everyone in the office is simply amazing to my daughter and to me.  I can't thank you enough for the care that you give to BOTH of us!!!!!!! "
       Parent of - Aislin Storey

"I have referred friends to your office already.  My kids love going to the dentist and it's all because of Dr. Simpson and the staff.  Love you guys!"
       Parent of - Andrew Brogli

"I tell all my friends about you all and several go there now! "
       Parent of - Hayley Taylor

"I am very pleased with bringing my boys here.  I know they are all in good care with Dr. Simpson and he has made them all feel relaxed.  My boys used to hate going and getting their teeth worked on, but now, they love going!"
       Parent of - Daniel Wallace

"Although I am not the patient, my child is.... I always enjoy coming.  Very fun and friendly atmosphere and staff!!!  Keep up the good work."
       Parent of - Alexys Haskins

"Dear Dr. Simpson you are fun and rock!  I wish I could come every day and just hang out, it is fun being there.  Oh, and tell everyone they rock and are always so nice.  Your friend Ebby Ivey "
       Elizabeth Ivey

"We tell everyone how great the care is at Dr. Simpson's!!"
       Parent of - Kyante Hamal Thomas

"Great Job!  We love going to the dentist!  The entire staff is so friendly and caring!  We haven't a bad thing to say!  Thanks and keep up the great work!"
       Parent of - Kylie Bush

"I love the dental service there and the atmosphere!  My kids love it and look forward to their visits even when it is not time!"
       Parent of - Terry Jefferson

"We are always in and out so quickly whether it be for a cleaning or actual treatment that it amazes me."
       Parent of - Keicie Seibers

"I have always taken my kids here, that being a total of seven years.  I have five children and they always enjoy going to the dentist. The fact that my kids actually like going to the dentist, combined with the kindness that the whole staff shows us, is why we have been and will continue to go to Dr. Simpson's office.  The toys in the waiting room is a HUGH help to distract them from any wait that we might have before being seen."
       Parent of - Jordan Benson

"We were new to the area 6 years ago and were referred by our neighbor and we are so glad we were. We love Dr. Simpson and all his staff and can tell how much he respects and treats not only his patients, but also his staff.  What a great place to work, you all should feel privileged."
       Parent of - Daylee Mathias

"I am extremely pleased with Dr. Simpson and his entire staff!!!!  They are all very wonderful people, very sweet and caring as well and I am lucky to have found such a GREAT group of people.  I completely trust everyone in this office with both of my children.  Dr. Simpson was very gentle with my daughter who was having a tooth pulled recently, he spoke to her almost the entire time and kept me up to date on the progress.  Dr. Simpson even gave me a few lessons on our teeth.  He knows his stuff!!!!"
       Parent of - Hannah Manning

"Their staff is very courteous and is always exciting to see the smiling faces."
       Parent of - Kennedy Nelson


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